Merry Christmas Mom

I don't quite know what's going on here, but I do know that those kids are happy as all hell right now. Shit, they're pretty much living the dream, and you know it's a wet dream.

  • clitoris December 25, 2012

    Would you look at this pair of little Mother Fucker's

  • shadowarior December 25, 2012

    they are having a funny feeling in their pants....oh wait, probably they are not wearing any pants...

  • crazyvet December 25, 2012

    Perfect example of a MILF.

  • burp December 25, 2012

    That lil bastard on the left is rubbing one off lol.

  • rockinron December 25, 2012

    why the fuck couldnt my baby sitter be that good looking and easy when i was a kid?

  • 2indastink December 25, 2012

    legalize rape.

  • potrostation December 25, 2012

    5th grade teacher. Need some extra credit?

  • preferemshaved December 25, 2012

    The high point of both those little bastards life's

  • rimjobber December 25, 2012

    CS is stooping to near-child porn? A line has been crossed.

  • honkie365 December 25, 2012

    That's a quadroon on the right. If Obama had a son, it would look just like him..but stupid.

  • biggertalk December 25, 2012

    if Obama had a son he would be honkie365's employer

  • frankdrebin December 25, 2012

    dad's xmas gifts got way better after the divorce

  • regitregit December 26, 2012

    ^whobe is jealous and envious and too poor to pay VIP

  • cyi3eri3ully December 26, 2012

    I remember watching this documentary a long time ago. Shes a retired pornstar and both those kids are actors now.

  • regitregit December 26, 2012

    Haahaa, two arrows up means you called yourself a Troll, dick head alert!

  • macabre December 26, 2012

    Dad got a sex change for Christmas since mom died. The boys sure do love it. Though they still call him daddy...

  • sufferkate December 30, 2012

    Jenny McCarthy?

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