Another day on the train.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on here. However, that does seem to be a rather rotund rump. Which I'm a fan of. With that said. If I were to walk past that, I'd have to slide a finger in her b-hole.

  • pizzapie January 6, 2013

    His prayers answered, too bad it's not happening in his bedroom

  • shadowarior January 6, 2013

    apple iSlut app promised to give users access to their sluts anywhere anytime but too bad it failed just like apple maps

  • scottiebear69 January 6, 2013

    Must have some stank to it,or a train of fags. No one paying any attention

  • potrostation January 6, 2013

    No one asks this girl if she has a ticket. Ever.

  • biggertalk January 6, 2013

    Throw her ass out and watch her die.

  • preferemshaved January 6, 2013

    She's probably a homeless crazy person. Even better.

  • crazyvet January 6, 2013

    ^ I would give her a home and hope she is crazy!

  • 2indastink January 6, 2013

    Australia is the ground for some of the most appalling crimes in the developed world, i don't know why?

    maybe its because its sparsely populated?

  • -shitbreak- January 6, 2013

    Id jump up there stick to the window like spiderman and go to fixing town!! Looks like a pretty good candidate for such a pounding...

  • -shitbreak- January 6, 2013

    FUCKIN i mean...

  • rockinron January 6, 2013

    this bitch is crazyier than my x wife. she allways licked the glass from the inside of the subway.

  • gunz January 6, 2013

    ^ ^ ^ and you were right beside her lickin away at the windows too

  • frankdrebin January 6, 2013

    the whore teleporter glitched again

  • rockinron January 6, 2013

    no gunz i was busy trying to keep you from trying to blow me and still am!

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