Give Me A Thumbs Up Buddy

It pays to pay attention when using a table saw. Just ask this thumbless guy. I'm sure he would agree. But if you don't want to follow this advice, send us pictures of the aftermath.

  • shadowarior February 8, 2013

    now practice jacking off with the other hand

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  •   crazyvet February 8, 2013

    Just call him three finger Louie.

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  •   dozer67 February 8, 2013

    Don't they have a lawsiut going on about table saws?This 4 finger gimp hit the mother load...Sue Sue Sue

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  • biggertalk February 8, 2013

    Do it with the other hand then you douche!

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  • anal-king February 8, 2013

    No more hitch-hiking holidays, buddy. Time to subscribe to Greyhound and search for deals and discounts

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  •   vulture February 8, 2013

    thats very ragged go back and make a cleaner cut

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  • frankdrebin February 8, 2013

    rule of thumb: don't piss off your bodybuilder boyfriend when you're thumbing his ass

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  • morbuis669 February 8, 2013

    Give him a thumbs up! No give him a thumbs gone.

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  • spaulding February 9, 2013

    They have new saws that literally lock up and stop spinning immediately when you touch the blade with flesh. However, I'm not gonna tell you where to get them. I'd rather wonder how you cut off your leg with a fucking table saw.

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  • d90girl February 9, 2013

    New practical jokes....EXPLODING BEERCANS

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  •   rockinron February 9, 2013

    maryjane rotten crotch is get more and more toxic everytime she comes to town

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