The answer is yes!

I'd definitely poke on that! Imagine what kind of shit she can do with her amazingly strong keagle muscles? Their exact name has escaped me for the moment. I bet she's a fuckin wild-ass freaky bitch too! Who wouldn't hit it?

  • invisus February 10, 2013


  • downunder69 February 10, 2013

    she,d fuck you in the ass then throw you across the room

  • siko666 February 10, 2013

    I pinch your dick off with my veiney cuntlips....

  • vulture February 10, 2013

    NO...i like my women to look like women

  • shitbox February 10, 2013

    The only thing id let her do is lick my asshole

  • landyp February 10, 2013

    I know there is a Dick surprise under the skirt

  • two-hats February 10, 2013

    I have a rule, NEVER fuck a Woman with more veins in her arms than I've got in my dick.

  • crazyvet February 10, 2013

    That has to be a dude, and not even a pretty one.

  • frankdrebin February 10, 2013

    No Period Nancy

  • uk-13astard February 10, 2013

    hmmm might be nice for some1 to throw me around the bedroom for a change

  • 2indastink February 10, 2013

    Never fuck anything with a deeper voice than yourself.

  • showmeurtits February 10, 2013

    You know there's a dick waiting to spring up from under that skirt!

  • spaulding February 10, 2013

    That twisted sister looks like Dee Snyder

  • rockinron February 10, 2013

    i don't care what anyone says, any man that would stick his dick in that is a closet fag that has'nt came out yet! why the fuck else would you wanna fuck a woman thats built like a man.....unless your black then you have no choice unless you fuck out of your species and go after only fat white chicks named rita.

  • scottiebear69 February 10, 2013

    Probably has a bigger dick than whoever would fuck IT.

  • unlimitdinches February 10, 2013

    Bet it has a clenis

  • stevenh915 February 10, 2013

    she looks like she could grow a beard on her ass. . .

  • biggertalk February 10, 2013

    Just another mutant in the white gene pool. Meanwhile in Bush's ranch.

  • m1009 February 10, 2013

    I bet you could put a lump of Coal in her Pus and she shit out a Diamond

  • potrostation February 10, 2013

    Once she caught you; "would you?" Would not be an option.

  • ouch February 10, 2013

    I want her to get a strap on and fuck me as hard as she can holding my hips and calls me BITCH! Oh OUCH Whoes my little bitch now... I am mistress. oh heaven

  • gunz February 10, 2013

    awwww looks like rockinron has a little crush on her

  • hvymtl777 February 10, 2013

    I wish I had just stayed to looking at the thumbnail.

  • beauvallee February 10, 2013

    shes ribbed for your pleasure, you wish your dildo had viens like that? you wanna play puppet master? she'll make you blink

  • pizzapie February 10, 2013

    His name is Frank

  • zmolez February 10, 2013

    Me cocky no likey,scared. very scared

  • ohwickedwendi February 11, 2013

    I'd have to check to see if it had a dick...

  • spaulding February 11, 2013

    ^^ Hey, what happened to ohwhickedwendi boob clap video? All the new guys wanna see it.

  • urapnes1701d February 11, 2013

    Imagine bringing her home to see dad.. He would be scared into approval!

  • lyx8820 February 11, 2013

    Just because he(she) has a pair on his(her) chest doesn't mean he(she) doesn't have a pair between his(her) legs.

  • clitpallet February 11, 2013

    I've always dreamed of getting a blowjob while being bench pressed.

  • rodgtard February 11, 2013

    Never fuck a chick who's clit is bigger than your dick.

  • dozer67 February 11, 2013

    Naa not for me she looks like a guy..

  • ghosthunter February 11, 2013

    I could never get that drunk to fuck that!

  • ohwickedwendi February 13, 2013

    I don't know what happened to my boob clapping video--but my boyfriend managed to find it....he didn't laugh too hard.

  • thunderdiety February 14, 2013

    That gene pool sucks, either it's fake tits, ugly faces,flat butts or steroids, or in this case all the bases covered

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