This'll clean you out!

Professor Phardtpounder care about your colon health! Just add a thimble-full of this to your meal and in 15 minutes or less everything in your system'll be on it's way out. Guaranteed!

  • shadowarior February 16, 2013

    Its a blessing given by god himself for when you need to take out those drugs out of your ass quickly

  • sleeko February 16, 2013

    Authentic Mexican food, works just a well.

  • crazyvet February 16, 2013

    The professor has finally invented something usefull.

  • m1009 February 16, 2013

    Not only will it clean out your colon, it will burn that hair off your ass to

  • theloonman February 16, 2013

    Did ya hear about the fag that went to the doctor for a cure for aids? The doctor told him to eat 5 gallons of the meanest, hottest, nastiest chili he could find and to "eat every drop"! The fag says: gee doc, will that cure me of aids? The doctor says no, but it'll teach what your asshole's for. BA DUM TSSS

  • biggertalk February 16, 2013

    @theloonman normally I'd say the cliche "That was so funny I forgot to laugh" but no I actually did laugh, at what a pathetic attempt at a joke that was.

  • theloonman February 16, 2013

    @biggertalk Everyone's entitled to an opinion even a two faced, back stabbin', nigger dick lickin', take it in the ass faggot mother fucker like you. BA DUM TSSS!

  • dazzza February 16, 2013

    ^ I take it you two have met before... up a/your dark back alley.

  • rockinron February 16, 2013

    ^his mother did'nt have any kids that lived, biggertalks mother swallowed them all before his dad could implant them .

  • frankdrebin February 16, 2013

    phardtpounder takes shit seriously

  • urapnes1701d February 16, 2013

    That must be good shit. After all people willing to rock beards like that dont take no shit!

  • ghosthunter February 16, 2013

    That is some really good hot sause.. all joking aside..

  • potrostation February 16, 2013

    From the makers of colon blow.

  • slazier40 February 17, 2013

    professor fartfounders omg this must be some good shit

  • kirksblood February 28, 2013

    i actually own this stuff its nt tha bad and it does not clean u out now i have some other stuff that will its called toxic waste

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