Still In Potty Training

I'd like to put out a special assignment to you loyal crazyshitters out there. I think you should go to a busy public bathroom and drop trou at the urinal for a piss. Send us pictures and we'll hook you up with some crazyshit gear. Or shit in the urinal if you like.

  • iluvkitty March 5, 2013

    I'd rather be the guy in potty training , than being the GAY guy taking the pic of another man's ass.

  • gabryl March 5, 2013

    Bear ass must be mentally retarded and this prick takes a picture and ilukitty you got that right

  • superhotdom March 5, 2013

    Coach after the game

  • isnogood March 5, 2013

    the guy taking the picture is even rubbing his dick

  • biggertalk March 5, 2013

    iluvkitty is gay but he is right here why would this homo take a picture of that old man's ass wtffff

  • tonyk March 5, 2013

    What? Thats not how you do that? Uh oh.

  • uk-13astard March 5, 2013

    lol he pee's like butters (southpark)

  • frankdrebin March 6, 2013

    maybe it's a four year old with progeria

  • spaulding March 6, 2013

    grab him by his shirt and pull backwards as hard as you can.

  • rockinron March 6, 2013

    gonna be a reckoning if i catch some asshole taking my picture in the bathroom again!! now where the fucks my shirt adam!

  • potrostation March 6, 2013


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