Time For Some Syrian Torture

Look at that clever use of a machine gun. Since they can't hit anything they shoot at, it's better put to use to hold a guy's feet so they can whack them with a torture stick.

  • clunt March 6, 2013

    Some high tech torture shit right there.

  • shadowarior March 6, 2013

    ahh....muslims are so peaceful...i'm getting all emotional I just wanna shove a dove up my ass

  • marcodufour March 6, 2013

    And here we see a fine example of a Syrian pedicure.

  • frankdrebin March 6, 2013

    Syrian citizenship exam?

  • rockinron March 6, 2013

    a smart guy would have drawn his knee's up pulled the trigger and blew the fucker on the left aay, during the surprise and confusion he then could have had time to shoot the other 2 asshole also. and if not , well atleast he died trying instad of like a bitch getting beaten to death.

  • biggertalk March 6, 2013

    thanks obama

  • downunder69 March 6, 2013

    oh ! i,ve played this game , ..silhouettes

  • cruiserman March 6, 2013

    Born assholes now and for ever,fucking muslims.

  • potrostation March 6, 2013

    Obviously not the fashion police.

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