Great Tailgate Art

I have to hand it to this guy, great idea. And very well done. I'm sure he gets the looks by cops and regular citizens. Eventually they will all get used to the truck and then he can really start to put kidnapped girls in the back and no one will ever suspect it.

  • marcodufour March 9, 2013

    Cumouflage ?

  • ven0m89 March 9, 2013

    That's cool but how long is he gonna roll around with a big ass tire to give the full effect?

  • spaulding March 9, 2013

    I'm gonna get one that looks like its full of dead cops.

  • rockinron March 9, 2013

    bet his wife loves driveing his truck thru the lesbo nieghborhoods

  • urapnes1701d March 9, 2013

    Its subterfuge. I bet there really is a tied up girl in the back.

  • potrostation March 9, 2013

    I'd get the body rap that showed the bed full of boxes and a couch; so friends and family would stop asking me to help them move shit.

  • 2indastink March 9, 2013

    that's quite cool.....if you fancy men.

  • biggertalk March 9, 2013

    ^ you fancy animals like the sloth in my avy brah

  • rodgtard March 9, 2013

    I want one thats painted with bed full of beer cans and a Deers head.

  • the_aristocrat March 9, 2013

    When you get pulled over tell the cop \"It's ok, she's my cousin\".

  • gunz March 9, 2013

    spaulding= epic comment

  • gunz March 10, 2013

    hell i'll give myself a neg xD

  • ohwickedwendi March 10, 2013

    Spaulding, I would have thought you would want one with dead immigrants.

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