She Always Gets Her Shot

Flip-flops and a thong, that's very appropriate wear for the conditions. I like her style. You've taken enough pictures, my dear. How about giving me the camera so I can take a few. Also, my penis could use a warm place to rest, and I think between your legs would be perfect.

  • downunder69 March 15, 2013

    2inda,s in the back and is thinking.. ..pitty i only do animals

  • frankdrebin March 15, 2013

    well what do you expect, she's hot

  • thestrangler March 15, 2013

    ^ yeah, "pity" he doesn't devolve to the sub-parasitic level of women.

  • crazyvet March 15, 2013

    She just doesn't have a very big work clothes budget.

  • uk-13astard March 15, 2013

    classy chick

  • biggertalk March 15, 2013

    what is she doing out of the fuckin kitchen i'd drag her by her hair and throw her in there lol

  • gunz March 15, 2013

    just fuckin walk behind her and kick her in

  • spaulding March 15, 2013

    push her on her ass and see if she sticks to the ice.

  • rockinron March 15, 2013

    cshe can take a picture of my polar bare.

  • handsomedevil March 15, 2013

    where she lacks in ass, she makes up for by being very easy.

  • dhwbomber March 15, 2013


  • the_aristocrat March 15, 2013

    This is highly arousing. But what is that stain on the snow?

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