Chasing Down The Easter Bunny

I don't know why, but the cops were chasing down the Easter bunny to lock him up. That's some real bullshit. All he wanted to do was bring candy to kids and hide Easter eggs for them to find. But apparently that's some kind of crime now. What is the world coming to?

  • morbuis669 April 4, 2013

    Now that guy takes his holidays seriously.

  • frankdrebin April 4, 2013

    Caption: Mentos, the fresh maker

  • vulture April 4, 2013

    the only crime here it that Captian Lardy and fellow officers are to overweight to catch Mr Bunny

  • shadowarior April 4, 2013

    New biology fact: pigs do not like bunnies

  • biggertalk April 4, 2013

    smh white ppl smh

  • spaulding April 4, 2013

    That's priceless. Don't forget to use your Mastercard to post bail.

  • -disturbed- April 4, 2013

    One of the rare instances cops go after a Caucasian.

  • gabryl April 4, 2013

    jack ass at it again

  • crazyvet April 4, 2013

    So now the Easter bunny is a registered sex offender?

  • urapnes1701d April 4, 2013

    So 2indastink, did the cops end up catching you?

  • crackerkiller April 4, 2013


  • handsomedevil April 4, 2013

    looks like something siegfried fischbacher pulled out of his hat.

  • potrostation April 4, 2013

    Can't cops hunt for colored eggs like everyone else? Why do they have to beat them out of the bunny?

  • duckduck April 5, 2013

    Maybe cops wouldn't shoot so many people if they could actually catch people without doing so. Don't you think morbid obesity should be an instant disqualifier for being a cop.

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