A Hard Commute

It looks like Wang is having some good dreams, and so is his wang. Athletic shorts with no underwear might feel a little too good for him to be wearing. Hopefully he doesn't wake up all sticky.

  • zmolez April 25, 2013

    Remember call the doctor if its stiff for more than 4 hours

  • killtacular April 25, 2013

    Ahhh, the perils of manhood and random wood. Women don't have to worry about that shit. Ladies, for the record..when a man has a boner at an inappropriate time, it's not necessarily his fault. if he's circumcised, his shit is rubbing against his undies (or jeans if he's free-ballin') at all times, so it's a wonder more men don't have boner's in public. Call it self control, call it whatever you want, but the fact remains that women get offended by this shit too often. Let's put it this way...if you had a dick, your shit would do the same thing. Hell, a guy can SNEEZE and get a fucking boner. Explain that shit!

  • crazyvet April 25, 2013

    He could be a Muslim with a new style underwear bomb.

  • shadowarior April 25, 2013

    ^^I prefer to call them 'mudslimes'

  • bidge632000 April 25, 2013

    Now that train is beggin for a tunnel!!

  • shadowarior April 25, 2013

    My self esteem just went up

  • marcodufour April 25, 2013

    @killtacular - maybe that`s called a sneegasm ???

  • tgarner April 25, 2013

    Hey, this ain't no campsite, put your tent up somewhere else!

  • donunderstan April 25, 2013

    He's dreamin' about loving you long time GI. Sucky sucky?

  • frankdrebin April 25, 2013

    he's dreaming about that shit he has to take so badly

  • biggertalk April 25, 2013

    wardo is ready to suck

  • clunt April 25, 2013

    wang chung have fun tonight

  • dazzza April 25, 2013

    Frank Lampard !

  • rockinron April 25, 2013

    he's dreaming about pole dancers

  • potrostation April 25, 2013

    He's got a Pokiman up his ass.

  • ohwickedwendi April 25, 2013

    And if he were dead, I guess you could say he "died hard".

  • kermitt April 25, 2013

    His bonner gets him a Yellow ribbin.

  • nudepoker69 April 26, 2013

    Where a slut when you need one!

  • dozer67 April 26, 2013

    He likes trains

  • maddog123 March 18, 2015

    Me in first grade

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