Nothing like a tailored suit!

There is nothing in this world quite like a fine tailored suit. With that said....this would be the exact opposite. I mean, what the fuck? How am I supposed to get my feet into those fly kicks?

  • 2indastink June 1, 2013

    Fist my ring piece.

  • theloonman June 1, 2013

    It puts the lotion on it's skin...

  • m1009 June 1, 2013

    Best Halloween costume ever

  • urapnes1701d June 1, 2013

    I dont know if this is the Mexican's work or the Dune Coon's but damn, what other inventive ways can they come up with to be sick in the head?

  • frankdrebin June 1, 2013

    i don't know about you fuckers, but i'm ready for scuba

  • sharkbait June 1, 2013

    The hat,shoes and gloves make this outfit just tacky.

  • xizang June 1, 2013

    Imagine all the great leather goods we can make out of that hide, once it's been tanned and made into good quality leather.

  • crazyvet June 1, 2013

    Looks like we have a renegade American Indian that isn't satisfied with just a scalp.

  • potrostation June 1, 2013

    I agree with theloonman; Buffalo Bill came to my mind too.

  • vulture June 1, 2013

    i cant beat loonman and whobe +1 both

  • unknownbrain June 1, 2013

    Now rise up and give a warm welcome to..The Human Doodle!!

  • biggertalk June 1, 2013

    Wear it heh heh heh!

  • rockinron June 1, 2013

    jeffery daumer and adolph hitler are both giving a standing ovation from hell to the artist of this work!

  • solidbriscoe June 1, 2013

    Coming soon from paramount...

    Ed Gein goes to Mexico!

  • xizang June 1, 2013

    Her breast skins should be stretched and tanned. They would make great tit-bongo drums.

  • xizang June 1, 2013

    So what did they do with the rest after skinning her and chopping off her head, hands and feet? Gut her out and have a pig roast?

  • englishgent June 1, 2013

    It's a white suit made for brownies to wear and experience being civilised for a day.

  • sirfartsalot June 1, 2013

    I see this picture and hear the song "Goodbye Horses" in my head.

  • ispewmalarkey June 2, 2013

    Edgar suit?

  • mothaflaka June 2, 2013

    He cant hear u..he cant anything anymore..ever since he's ben smokeing pot. He just kinds of lays there all day.

  • donunderstan June 2, 2013

    Leaving the fitting room. " That was nice. I hear the black suit is half price. Can I try one of those?".

  • dozer67 June 2, 2013

    I need my human footy pajamas in XXL so use a black woman next time....

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