Get In Line For A Suck Job

Hop in line and get your cock sucked if you want. You may have this guy sniffing your asshole while getting blown, but at least he seems to be keeping his fingers to himself. I'm just not sure if each guy has his own whore, or if there just a few of them working their way down the line.

  • lobster June 13, 2013

    Looks like team ignition's coach is pretty jealous

  • frankdrebin June 13, 2013

    It's a blow job/dress like a euro asshole contest

  • xizang June 13, 2013

    How did this dude slip into the party?

  • scherbatsky June 13, 2013

    You show up late, you start in the back.

  • rockinron June 13, 2013

    well its not a soccer team or they'd be on their knee's in front of each other.

  • toesucker June 13, 2013

    Is that WWE's Sheamus?

  • biggertalk June 13, 2013

    Get in line Ronny.

  • solidbriscoe June 13, 2013

    Hey everyone! This one has hemmohroid!

    Crowd: (uncontrollable laughter)

  • naktaa June 13, 2013

    Such even tan lines..

  • potrostation June 13, 2013

    @ rockinron; In there(soccer players) defense some of the blowers might be dudes.

  • crazyvet June 13, 2013

    That guy in the suit is the whores pimp making sure they only spend two minutes per guy.

  • englishgent June 13, 2013

    I'll gladly line up. Free gobbles? Wahay yes please!

  • seaz June 14, 2013

    He's wearing a suit so he must be in charge.

  • ptsd33 June 14, 2013

    Looks like a party. Hey bigtalk what's your moms address again?

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