Got His Mind In The Gutter

Sometimes helmets don't really make much difference. Like when your head is ripped off your shoulders, leaving a gaping hole in whatever is left of your neck. In that case, a helmet might not make much of a difference.

  • gabryl July 2, 2013

    Am i getting old or soft or all the above because when i was younger there was a kinda coolness in seeing things that are not socially acceptable to view, i dont give a fuck what people think but now i get a lump in my throat and hope shit like that never happens to me in the situation my live style would fit in , like a car crash. hell im just a pussy and would rather see this them some one taking a shit

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  • feircepierce July 2, 2013


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  • johnhancock July 2, 2013

    We know feircepierce We know....

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  • wardo56 July 2, 2013


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  • kermitt July 2, 2013

    Awww damn! That fucker owes me money!

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  • frankdrebin July 2, 2013

    same thing happened to my Snapple when I dropped it this morning

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  • biggertalk July 2, 2013

    oh !!!

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  • solidbriscoe July 2, 2013

    Flip flops were his undoing. Mabye if he had traction he woulda survived. Now he'll never be revived.

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  • urapnes1701d July 2, 2013

    I'd be riding my bike through that shit. Nothing was cooler when you were a kid than making tire tracks through mud, paint, chalk, ...

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  • tiniestscream July 2, 2013

    Now this is a new one. I haven't seen many memes like this. what you've done here op is combined an underground an mainstream memes togetrher. that's really the forefront of modern america, perhaps the world. remixing and expanding on ideas and concepts is what seperates us from the animals (no offense to otherfriends) but in retrospect there is a lot of thinking to be done on what if we couldn't make something like eadless men with their minds in the gutters? just think of how many brilliant minds poured their lives into advancing technology for something like that to happen. sometimes when I drink from a waterfountain my mouth touches the nozzle, but i digress. did you ever think when you're 80 you'll remember the time you made a silly image and posted it on the internet? that's kind of spooky to think about because maybe, just maybe, your image will outlast you. anyways OP your image really provoked my mind and i thought I'd share some of it with you, mostly since I really did laugh out loud when I saw this. to even begin to think that maybe if I hadn't encountered this post I would have saw something else and wouldn't have taken the time to type this all out. but it is what it is I guess. it's just us 10 on a board at 3 am making silly images and all is right with the world. but that's another post for another time. thanks op i really grew and matured since writing this.

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  •   rockinron July 2, 2013

    must be dirty minded......since he has his head in the gutter.

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  •   potrostation July 2, 2013

    Dibs on his boots.

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  • englishgent July 2, 2013

    Urapnes, then you could park your bike in his neck slot! Double bonus.

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  • donunderstan July 2, 2013

    Always park the car before changing the oil idiot.

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  •   dozer67 July 2, 2013

    what's with that dudes plaid short like pants?

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  •   crazyshit-Cory H. July 3, 2013

    Sure is a quiet fucker.

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  • meh July 3, 2013

    damn, and i just bought a scooter.. better not wear that death-trap helmet

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  • dracos July 4, 2013

    he was deadheading to his crypt

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