Must Have Left The Heater On

I just got an idea that could revolutionize your entire driving experience. A burnt driver scented air freshener for your car. What do you think? It won't be quite as good as vanilla, but it's better than new car scent.

  • tgarner July 5, 2013

    I doubt that is him, but last winter we had a guy in our town leave the bar and had had to many to drive. Decided to sleep it off in his car with it running(it was fucking cold out) and this is what happened. If he would of been parked on the street, somebody might of noticed. But then he could of got a dwi if he was parked on the street. So he parked in the back parking lot and nobody knew it was happening till it was a giant ball of flames. Bad deal!

  • vulture July 5, 2013

    i like that idea Adam just get a burger and some chicken wings and stuff them round the manifold

  • frankdrebin July 5, 2013

    hey, i did a carfax on this car and the title came back "nigerian"

  • happyjack July 5, 2013

    Looks like my mother in laws sweet potatoes last Thanksgiving.

  • rockinron July 5, 2013

    great nobody put BBQ sauce on him and now its gonna be dry as fuck and taste like shit!

  • kermitt July 5, 2013

    CrazyShit Motors co. has a Recall on the P.O.S Coup!

  • isnogood July 5, 2013

    c3po and r2d2 in da land.

  • potrostation July 5, 2013

    Heated seat works!

  • biggertalk July 5, 2013

    Like, woah, dude...

  • sharkbait July 5, 2013

    Background check came in-said the car was hot.

  • solidbriscoe July 5, 2013

    Is ok. Just put some Arby's sauce on him.

  • mrpoop July 5, 2013

    he has pecks to die for

  • englishgent July 6, 2013

    That's a really Shitty way to die!

  • ryanscott1989 July 6, 2013

    damn it. I just let him barrow my tupac cd. I knew he would never give it back

  • ven0m89 July 6, 2013

    Put some BBQ sauce on that pec and go to town!

  • sirfartsalot July 6, 2013

    Someone dropped the blunt.

  • pizzapie July 6, 2013

    this reminds me of the chicken I threw on the BBQ and forgot about

  • matv July 6, 2013

    hot enough for ya?

  • ih8dumbfux July 7, 2013

    Flame on! naw but his peepee looks like a burnt Vienna sausage ....

  • chrispanda September 20, 2013


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