Nothing Says Respect Like User Boobs

"I love your Website.I really wanted to show my respects by sending my tits." Well, we love you too, and we feel very respected now. Thanks for the tits. If you also want to show us your love and respect with tits or ass, write CS or crazyshit on them and send us some pictures.

  • crazyvet July 5, 2013

    I love "real woman" titties. Thank you sweetheart.

  • rockinron July 5, 2013

    those are some awesome natural tits!!! thanks now lets see a pic of the ole snapper!!

  • tgarner July 5, 2013

    I just got hungry for some reason! :-)

  • bigtalk July 5, 2013


  • vulture July 5, 2013

    thanks for sharing

  • potrostation July 5, 2013

    Real nice.

  • jkirk1963 July 5, 2013

    Plese lrt me worship .

  • kermitt July 5, 2013

    Some of you guy are so fucking LUCKY! FACT

  • fistymcanus July 5, 2013

    That's some ugly tile in that bathroom

  • johnhancock July 5, 2013

    Those look very suckable, and playful... Thank You for Sharing

  • biggertalk July 5, 2013

    lightfighter where you at my nigga?

  • sharkbait July 5, 2013

    My wifes tits looked this good....2 kids and 15 years ago.Thanks for the pic!

  • solidbriscoe July 5, 2013

    I feel like milk. Any one want any milk? Thanks for the mammaries!

  • 6uldv8 July 5, 2013

    I love those nipples!And i love user boobs!

  • showmeurtits July 5, 2013

    "I Like Boobs!"



    If you ask me what is my favorite thing,

    Is it presents with ribbons all tied up in string?

    I'll tell you quite plainly like I've told the rest.

    The best thing on earth is a set of nice breasts!


    It sounds pretty childish, but you have to admit

    There's nothing as sacred as squeezing a tit!

    You can eat cherry ice cream or tasty French Ripple,

    It can never compare to sucking a nipple!


    They come in all sizes, some big and some small.

    Some nipples are flat, and some, really tall!

    Some look kind of saggy, like tube socks with sand.

    Some look non-existent like flat, prairie land!


    They're something to play with when she's up on top,

    Like a crib's mobile toy, your hands just can't stop!

    With your head in between them they press to your ears,

    They intoxicate more than twenty-five beers.


    I like boobs! There, I said it, now I'm done!

    And I'm glad that each woman has more than just one!

    They're my favorite thing, and now you know why.

    I love seeing boobs!

  • ih8dumbfux July 5, 2013

    I say 34c .. I may be wrong but they still go good with my oreo's..thanks for sharing

  • the_aristocrat July 5, 2013

    I would fuck you sideways!

  • ouch July 5, 2013

    + 1 bigtalk.... The world is a changing lol. Ya still a black cunt and I'm still a cracker but + 1 for your comment on these lovely milky white user goodies. Hmmm I love em.

  • sandgroper July 5, 2013

    They are very nice boobys thank you so very much for sending them in :)

  • englishgent July 6, 2013

    Lovely juggs, now next picture please of your lovely sweet ass in white panties, maybe lacy see throughs with a bit of bush peeking through?

    Thanks delicious lady.

  • ryanscott1989 July 6, 2013

    beautiful! I enjoy real boobs.

  • loulou July 6, 2013

    Nice, and if anyone says different ignore them because they probably suck dick anyway.

  • mrsatan July 6, 2013

    Almost as nice as my wife's just not as big

  • mrsatan July 6, 2013

    And biggestfag you suck

  • mrsatan July 6, 2013

    And bigfag let's you

  • jkirk1963 July 6, 2013

    Milk .

  • pizzapie July 6, 2013

    looks like fun.

  • Cory H. July 7, 2013

    Don't cameras focus in the southern hemisphere of a woman's physique?

  • brentos July 7, 2013

    Nom Nom Nom

  • thestrangler July 7, 2013

    Ugly, low-IQ female sack of shit.

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