Can I help you?

Better yet, can you help me? I've got this raging hard-on that won't go away. Would you be a lamb and let me slide it in that warm, wet-spot between them shapely legs of yours? Or I could just toss it in your ass....I'll take either. Thanks!

  • kermitt July 7, 2013

    She's giving somebody head. How are you going to help her H?

  • potrostation July 7, 2013

    AAA+++ sure it's expensive,but waiting for a tow has never been awesome.

  • crazyasshole July 7, 2013

    i would suck shit out of her ass!

  • onetime42 July 7, 2013

    ^^^ don't forget the corn!

  • englishgent July 7, 2013

    Ooh sweet, looks just like my delicious mistress!

  • crazyvet July 7, 2013

    I love to see a good looking woman on her knees.

  • biggertalk July 7, 2013

    A tranny again?

  • rockinron July 8, 2013

    so thats what that end looks like? all i can see is the back of her head on my gigantic cock going up and down!

  • wickedman July 8, 2013

    I seen this once in Porky's didn't turn out so

  • biggertalk July 8, 2013

    Just came in to neg suckinron.

  • princesskatie July 8, 2013

    She could defiantly help me.

  • zerofucks July 9, 2013

    I'd drink a gallon of her piss to see where it came from!

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