A shout-out to our neighbors to the north!

Man this is a fine, fine piece of Canadian tail. Time to show some love to our neighbors to the north. A neighborhood where I spent 8 years of my youth. I'm almost certain it's Bianca Beauchamp and she is one hot piece! Man I would do some dirty, dirty things to her.

  • unwell82 July 29, 2013

    She's dungeon worthy

  • xizang July 29, 2013

    Sweet as maple syrup. And looks to be just as edible.

  • tgarner July 29, 2013

    I alway's said, fuck Canada, now I really want to!

  • crazyshitisgay July 29, 2013

    Redheads are the best heads...Jobs...

    While the rest of the human race descended from monkeys, redheads are descended from cats. -Mark Twain

  • frankdrebin July 29, 2013

    does she moan with "ay" sounds?

  • englishgent July 29, 2013

    Oh I say what a beauty!

    Henry what dirty things would you do to her? I would lick her shitbox even if it hadn't seen a shower for a week.

  • rumbalotte July 29, 2013

    Would bring her to grannys house, even if she had a dick !

  • doc_ock July 29, 2013

    O Canada!

    Our home and native land!

    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  • cigarman July 29, 2013

    I don't know but I've been told.......

    Canadian pussy is mighty cold.

  • goodster July 29, 2013

    I'm in if those puppies give maple syrup flavored milk... Hell who am I kidding I'm in ether way...!

  • crazyvet July 29, 2013

    That is one fine redhead.

  • rockinron July 29, 2013

    as long as that hoser gordon light foot don't start singing love songs i'm in!!

  • kermitt July 29, 2013

    Body like Julia Roberts, Ugly fucking face like hers TOO!

  • ptsd33 July 29, 2013

    She's American...its Jane Fonda's daughter.

  • potrostation July 29, 2013

    I'm 1/2 Canadian; and right now she has my bottom half's full attention.

  • insane_person July 29, 2013

    nothing worse than a fake redhead. hell nothing worse than a fake whatever-head

  • biggertalk July 30, 2013

    fuck canadians that's all i gotta say.

  • ohwickedwendi July 30, 2013

    Fuck yeah!!

  • durp July 30, 2013

    I love being Canadian the best beer, best women, free healthcare AND no house fires !!! Can't burn down igloos mofuckas

  • cthulu July 30, 2013

    I've seen Canadian women and most of them were fat wildabeasts. I would deal with the snow for this specimen though

  • boneyardsteam August 1, 2013

    Is pillow pants hiding in there? Thought I saw something peekin

  • cellule October 3, 2013


  • flyboy55 December 13, 2013

    God Bless the Great White North ! :)

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