Mommy's Little Big Gulper

Yes, this is most definitely parenting at its finest. Mom wants her baby to grow up to be a fat, lazy fuck rolling around in a motor cart just like her, so she's feeding him his daily big gulp. Grab him a couple candy bars too while you're at it.

  • marcodufour August 8, 2013

    How on Earth do you get that fucking fat ? I mean seriously ! how the fuck can you afford it monetarily and timewise ?

  • 2indastink August 8, 2013

    I feel sorry for whoever conceived that.... Not even that long ago either, lazy fat fucker.

  • scherbatsky August 8, 2013

    Don't worry. I'm sure it's a diet soda.

  • johnhancock August 8, 2013

    She's lets him drink it to savor and digest the juice for flavor before she eats the baby

  • kermitt August 8, 2013

    Do you think people like this just give up on life?

  • frankdrebin August 8, 2013

    what fat fuck supermarket has a baby aisle

  • isnogood August 8, 2013

    Fat bitch don`t want no skinny kid !

  • onetime42 August 8, 2013

    Fat fuck in training.

  • boneyardsteam August 8, 2013

    Candy mama? No no diabeto no candy.

  • cthulu August 8, 2013

    I'm sure food stamps paid for that

  • morbuis669 August 8, 2013

    Great big fat round blubber tub of ass! I bet she even bitches about not getting enough food stamps!

  • ibetdaddy August 8, 2013

    and on welfare no doubt the fat fuckin bitch probably eats everything she makes, so how did this kid get fat?

  • chipalip2049 August 8, 2013

    Nice outfit, the lime green shirt accentuates your belly.

  • longhungwong August 8, 2013

    I see Cuntswayla is venturing over to babysitting from of housekeeping jobs. I can't blame her after having to clean up that toilet from yesterday.

  • englishgent August 8, 2013

    By the time that little blob starts school it will be too late. He'll be a junk food addict, moody, temperamental and the worse kind of pain in the arse!

  • sactownryder August 8, 2013

    Bigtalks baby photos

  • ouch August 8, 2013

    Compare this pic the previous one and read my comment.

  • markrob824 August 8, 2013

    ^^^^haha that a great idea..... And if this is the states it's deff EBT cards paying for these two pork chips and all there medical bills !!!!

  • rockinron August 8, 2013

    can't be her kid. not even a wal-mart retard would fuck that slobby assed taco bender!

  • biggertalk August 9, 2013

    fat cunt

  • ohwickedwendi August 9, 2013

    Don't you wish Walmart scooters came with eject seats and the buttons were placed randomly throughout the store?

  • handsomedevil August 9, 2013

    anything's a better alternative to sucking on those tits.

  • psychopath19 August 20, 2013

    And u guys call the POLICE pigs,news flash,here's a real pig right here doing what should be considered child abuse, they should take the kid and make that fat fuck WALK all the way to prison,where she will be forced to exercise as much as possible.

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