That's how it's done, my friend!

This is wart removal for a man. Ice, vise-grips, salt and your favorite pocket knife. I've removed them on two separate occasions with my teeth. Man, warts sure do love to bleed!

  • thunderbutt September 8, 2013

    You gonna eat that?

  • xizang September 8, 2013

    I must be doing it wrong. I went to a dermatologist and she used some liquid nitrogen. Next time, I'll try this for more drama.

  • sirfartsalot September 8, 2013

    Meh. This is tame shit for this site.

  • solidbriscoe September 8, 2013

    Just making some salsa... Where's the cilantro?

  • tonyk September 8, 2013

    Obamacare at its finest.

  • potrostation September 8, 2013

    See kids. That's a real Man!

  • boneyardsteam September 8, 2013

    OMG I hope he survives

  • kloneranger80 September 8, 2013

    Oh poor guy, hope he's ok. Fucking queer save your daily tampon changes for Facebook.

  • rockinron September 8, 2013

    that don't even qualify as finger pussy for a mouse! what kind of establishment has this joint turned into?

  • jimmydcap September 8, 2013

    Compound W is less painful.

  • biggertalk September 9, 2013

    what a cunt

  • loulou September 10, 2013

    A man that gives a fuck enough about his appearance even if it makes him bleed and hurts like a bitch is sexy in my book!!

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