Hand In The Vagina

That's right, Bif, crouch down and strike a pose while the other guy is knuckle deep in some tang. You might be able to get some too if you took your iPod of your arm and stopped wearing your little brother's shirts.

  •   potrostation September 20, 2013

    The new 24 is edgy.

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  • boneyardsteam September 20, 2013

    So you got two in?

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  • iluvkitty September 20, 2013

    Girl is getting pussy fingered by guy in the red, Guy in the red is about to get butt fingered by the guy in the black....

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  • shitbox September 20, 2013

    Napoleon dynamite scores

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  • bobbabooey September 20, 2013

    Grab her like a bowling ball

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  • slippy September 20, 2013

    getting the pinky stinky

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  •   potrostation September 20, 2013

    Security guard is counting down till it's his turn.

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  • m1009 September 20, 2013

    Must be checking to see if it's fresh or if he needs to throw it in the dumpster

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  • kermitt September 20, 2013

    He's saying he already fucked that bitch twice.

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  • kloneranger80 September 20, 2013

    Carry her home like a 6 pack.

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  • solidbriscoe September 20, 2013

    Bouncer can't wait for his turn to bounce her. Two seconds gone already.

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  • acdcfan September 20, 2013

    Im thinking the dude in black is meaning 2 guys...looks like pit hair to me...

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  • urapnes1701d September 20, 2013

    A finger in her pants is worth 2 in the bush.

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  • jed1 September 20, 2013

    Dear Adam H. That picture was taken in good old UK where the door men are all vetted and registered licenses if you will. That what you took to be an I pod is the Door Man's Id card which is like a credit card and contains all the Bouncers information such as Sex, Height, jod description and most importantly his photograph and they all have to wear them on the left upper arm so the police or authorities can easily see how is enemy and who is foe not only that all the door men are licensed, vetted and Police background checked, so that IPod you so called it is actually his license to work as a door man and is renewable every 2 or 5 years. So there you go AdamH a wee lesson for you there..

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  • iyaoyas75 September 20, 2013

    Now that's my kind of woman!!!

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  • englishgent September 20, 2013

    jed1, you are quite correct, his radio is also proof of his job. This is possibly the end result of a night out in one of many cities and towns.. Next he will go and eat some greasy donor kebab using the same digits that have recently been swimming in that skanks twat. Ah the youth of today, all dirty little fuckers.

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  • doc_ock September 21, 2013

    What the fuck is that guy wearing a life preserver? What are we back to the future?

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  • biggertalk September 21, 2013

    nerd got pussy?

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  • tuck8541 September 21, 2013

    Bouncer is counting down until the nerd finds out it's a guy!

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  •   rockinron September 21, 2013

    he better hope thats not mary jane rotten crotch, or he's gonna be in mondays update pics with one nasty fucking hand!

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