Move The Deer Crossing

I want to believe this is a joke, if only to keep some faith in humanity, but I know that people really are this fucking stupid. Tim Abbott of Crown Point, you sir are a moron.

  •   crazyvet October 31, 2013

    So Tim Abbott, are you an idiot or is your general education somewhat lacking?

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  • xizang October 31, 2013

    I'll lay odds he works for the government.

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  • screwyou October 31, 2013

    He went to university...

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  • luminousmucus October 31, 2013

    Crown Point is a few towns over from me. This type of idiocy does not surprise me coming from some of the people in this area. I'm so glad I can contest I wasn't born in the area, but moved here for work.

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  • gunz October 31, 2013

    white people. smh

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  •   vulture October 31, 2013

    surely they should have a committee meeting and invite the deer

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  • loulou October 31, 2013

    ^ Where does it say he is white? Dumb people.smh^

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  • captjim October 31, 2013

    fuckin' retard

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  • tonyk October 31, 2013

    From Editor, Tim they are now installing a cross walk with a light for them.

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  • iluvkitty October 31, 2013

    Tim Abbott posted it again???

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  •   rockinron October 31, 2013

    don't he have a friend named costello?

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  • mrbacon October 31, 2013

    I think this one in particular is fake, but there was a lady who actually called a radio station to talk about this and was dead serious about it. I think Tim is just making fun of her for it or having his own fun with it. There's a YouTube video of the phone call where she called in. I know people are stupid but to actually think deer know what a deer crossing sign is just made me face palm

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  •   toreal October 31, 2013

    Written by a dumb white Tea Party member.

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  • solidbriscoe October 31, 2013

    They must have a lot of venison Crown Point.

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  • kermitt October 31, 2013

    What's black and white and goes rolling along the boardwalk?

    A nigger and a pigeon fighting over a chicken wing!

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  • kermitt October 31, 2013

    Like I said, "Gloves are off!"

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  • doc_ock October 31, 2013

    Every time a spook says something against Whites Kermitt will have the same right granted to him.

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  • bigtalk October 31, 2013

    Sounds like easy hunting to me.

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  • englishgent October 31, 2013

    Less traffic means less dead deer? No shit Sherlock!

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  • kermitt October 31, 2013

    ^^^^ "NO bigtalk, That means I'm FUCKING done!" Don't you see I'm trying to get banned! Just like you!

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  •   potrostation October 31, 2013

    Tim Abbott voted for Obama twice.

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  • bigtalk October 31, 2013

    Kermit when are these gloves suppose to come off. You're not saying anything new not for this site. These closet racist type that same shit everyday. You sound childish just like your avatar and kermit is spelled with one T dumbass. First grade must of been long and hard for you.

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  • dracos October 31, 2013

    damn bigtalk a simple shovel isn't enough for you. You need commercial earth moving equipment with a Mexican behind the controls to dig you out. You cant swallow your own pill so use one of those black dicks that your so proud of to lube your throat.

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  • gunz October 31, 2013

    +1 bigtalk ! kermit sounds like a pissed off 10 year old who can't get his way. and lol 'gloves are off im gonna make a racist comment' - sorry, we are all out of fucks to give kiddo

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  • biggertalk November 1, 2013


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