It Must Be Hunting Season

Usually a head shot is something to be proud of, but seeing a deer with an arrow through its face is just kind of depressing. Does the all adrenaline pumping through her body now make her taste funny?

  • jed1 November 5, 2013

    Deary me looks like this deer got the point.

  • tgarner November 5, 2013

    Don't it just have this "You're a real fucking prick" look on its face!

  • rockinron November 5, 2013

    "hey which way do i go to get a bow hunters license?"

  • rockinron November 5, 2013

    yah! in your face deer!!!

  • crazyvet November 5, 2013

    I think bow hunters should have to put their name and address on their arrows so that if they don't get a clean kill, the arrow can be returned to them and stuck up their ass.

  • slippy November 5, 2013

    Looks photo shoped to me

  • johnhancock November 5, 2013

    Broooo Check out my new face piercing mann.... Shit's doooppe

  • frankdrebin November 5, 2013

    reminds me of the gobbler guillotine for some reason

  • sirpussalot November 5, 2013

    No blood?

  • solidbriscoe November 5, 2013

    It'll live.. Unless it gets stuck in some branches or something.

  • goodster November 5, 2013

    ^^ CrazyVet,,, In Mass. we do,, for just this very reason.

  • potrostation November 5, 2013

    Did Steve Martin die and come back as a deer?

  • englishgent November 5, 2013


  • goodster November 5, 2013

    ^^EG,,Could be, but I've seen this in real life. doesn't look that old, because the fletching(feathers) aren't messed up, but if it has rained, the blood will wash off..Fact is ,,,, If you cant kill what your aiming at,,,,,,,,,,DON'T SHOOT!

  • biggertalk November 5, 2013

    fake and fucking gay like that english shitbird

  • rouge_et_blanc November 6, 2013

    @goodster I aim to shoot with my dick but definitely not to kill.

    BTW it's always a pleasure to read the bigoted, white-hating crap written by @biggertalk.

    Hey @biggertalk, keep up the good (?) work!

  • misfit_88 November 6, 2013

    that is why you should aim for the chest. usually a certain kill even if you have to track the fucker through 10kms of rough bushland. bambi should have bled out internally by that stage. better yet use a rifle!

  • croccock November 6, 2013

    somewhere a peta person is crying for this deer

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