Fatty Loves Her Cockmeat Sandwiches

It's not often that a stripper and a customer fall in love and live happily ever after, but I think these two have a real shot at it. I can just look at them and tell they were meant to be together. That kind of love is magical.

  • kilo_g November 13, 2013

    She doesn't look aroused, she looks hungry.

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  •   vulture November 13, 2013

    you got to love the bite proof condom

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  •   crazyvet November 13, 2013

    You get that dick any closer nigger, and you will loose all, or part of it depending on how fast she is.

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  • fuzelogic November 13, 2013

    we always thought biggertalk worked at McDonalds, I guess he finally got enough balls to send in a pic of his real job

    Looks like he's lovin it

    +5 -1
  • theloonman November 13, 2013

    When I told her to blow a dead nigger I didn't think she'd take me seriously!

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  • screwyou November 13, 2013

    Black man are sick fucks in the head....

    +3 -1
  • pinkdildolickr November 13, 2013

    Can you imagine the disgusting smells coming from her dirty, sweaty fat rolls?

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  • ibetdaddy November 13, 2013


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  • lobster November 13, 2013

    That's not his customer, it's his wife

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  • bigtalk November 13, 2013

    It isn't that black men like white women its the fact that all white women love black men.

    +2 -10
  • solidbriscoe November 13, 2013

    ^^^Morbidly obese fat women. FACT!

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  • kanada November 13, 2013

    ^ double FACT ! ^

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  • kanada November 13, 2013

    It's not even funny how Bigtalk, biggertalk & toreal { terrance } view the world its sad really. Happyjack is the only one worth talking too.

    +3 -2
  •   toreal November 13, 2013

    White guys just admit it. Your women hate your small dick and would rather have a big black one.

    +0 -5
  •   dozer67 November 13, 2013

    ^^^ The kind of white women that love giant black dick are not worth it to me or any other white guy worry about or want.... damn..toreal look at the picture above you dumb racist bastard....

    +4 -0
  • urapnes1701d November 13, 2013

    The only reason black guys get white chicks is because either their own women don't want them or they just cant put up with the narcissistic bitchiness of the black females. I mean hell; would you want a woman thats more masculine and self important than yourself? I wouldn't!

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  • honkie365 November 13, 2013

    Urap...that's fucking funny, and true.

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  • englishgent November 13, 2013

    Very true urapnes. Another reason is that most black women look like gorillas with even bigger arses so black men want lovely white women with their perky tits, perfect shitters and blond hair.

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  •   potrostation November 13, 2013

    Male stripper is rethinking the gay for pay shoot he skipped out on for this.

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  •   goodster November 13, 2013

    typical darky,, always funken around with the fatties! FAAAAACT!

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  • biggertalk November 14, 2013

    dayum, a niggaz kryptonite!

    +1 -2
  •   handsomedevil November 14, 2013

    i'll tell you what is funny, though, if you think about it. it's that whenever you see a white/latino/asian/whatever with a black girl, the black girl is always a beautiful black girl, but whenever you see a black dude with a white girl, 9 times out of ten, that white bitch looks beastly.Lol

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  • beetzter November 14, 2013

    the mouth from this fatty remember me on a mixer ^o^

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  •   rockinron November 14, 2013

    to be fare, any white woman no matter how fat and ugly, is still a runway model compared to 98% of the black women out there. i mean how much of a turn on is it when the black chick your fucking says "im cumming im cumming" in a voice that sounds like a construction worker!

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