Wrong Guy To Rob

Do you know what happens when you try to rob the wrong dude? This is what happens. You and your boys lay bleeding in the street while the dude and his gun hover over you. Nice try, dumbasses. See you in hell.

  • morbuis669 December 31, 2013

    They should try robbing cops more often, shit gets done quicker!

  • iluvkitty December 31, 2013

    i fucking luv it!!!!!!!!!

  • frankdrebin December 31, 2013

    in thailand, it is also legal and acceptable to urinate on the assailant once incapacitated. thanks snapple cap.

  • rockinron December 31, 2013

    whatever happened to double tap?

  • sirfartsalot December 31, 2013

    This guy is my hero of the week. Good shooting Sir.

  • fistermister December 31, 2013

    What the hell did they try to rob him with? They probably pulled out a McDonalds straw.

  • crazyvet December 31, 2013

    Should be the top news story of the month.

  • goodster December 31, 2013

    looks like he emptied the clip,,,Good shooten John Wayne!

  • nunya December 31, 2013

    the chain on the bike could use a bit of oil... nothing to see here

  • bucknuts December 31, 2013

    Look like they found the "Right" guy to me.,.,.,.

  • potrostation December 31, 2013

    Works for me.

  • solidbriscoe December 31, 2013

    Eat lead!!!

  • ouch December 31, 2013

    Oh Oh ah ah oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah

  • biggertalk January 1, 2014

    ^stfu faggot

  • donunderstan January 1, 2014

    I guess it's too common in Asia to be a delicousy

  • allcaps January 1, 2014

    Why are they just laying there,they should be taking video and texting..

  • palmharbor11 January 1, 2014

    How come this was not on FoxNews...Fox and Friends? Some one needs to burn a DVD and send it to them in NYC but they may not show it as the people are not black or hispanic....

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