Who Wants Some Whore's Clothes

That's a good way to get back at your cheating bitch of a girlfriend. The whore will be more pissed about her clothes than if he was to just fuck some other chicks. I hope there are still some panties left so I can sniff them.

  • azzholee January 15, 2014

    i am back, did u guys miss me ?

  • frankdrebin January 15, 2014

    is that her whoredrobe?

  • rockinron January 15, 2014

    can i have her underwear?

  • monkeyrodeo January 15, 2014

    A Real Mans translation of that sign is, Im a Short Dick Punk who can't Take Care of Business.

  • cthulu January 15, 2014

    Don't be a butthurt fag about it, just bang her sister

  • eyeh8dumbasses January 15, 2014

    nothing worse then dating the town whore.

  • ouch January 15, 2014

    I would have asked to join in and If not then can she please send the pics to my phone while I am work so I can batt off to them. Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!

  • palmharbor11 January 15, 2014

    No girl friend should be bigger than a size 0 or size 2, the rest are over weight. Better to give her clothes to Good Will and give her the address to pick them up

  • crazyvet January 15, 2014

    If I could get all of her clothes, it might be worth some pussy.

  • gangstakiller January 15, 2014

    size 8-10 that must have been a small hippopotamus

  • potrostation January 15, 2014

    1. Why are you playing house? 2.Why isn't her ass at work?

  • dozer67 January 15, 2014

    yeah she's a big one

  • biggertalk January 16, 2014

    @azzholee take another vacation, skank.

  • rodgtard January 16, 2014

    Fuck the clothes, Where is she at?

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