And that's why I hate those fuckers!

Cock-sucking fucking bird! Just stole that mans last piece of smoked herring, or whatever kind of fish that is. Fuck you bird!

  • deranged February 14, 2014

    Give that fucker some alkaseltzer!

  • eyeh8dumbasses February 14, 2014

    I was working at J.F.K airport building Jet Blue's new terminal and one of those flying asshole took my hotdog

  • solidbriscoe February 14, 2014

    Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, Oh what a relief it is...

  • rockinron February 14, 2014

    we stuck a air hose up ones ass once. never stick an air hose up a fucking flying rats ass!! its not a good thing and a real bitch getting the goo outta yer hair!

  • goodster February 14, 2014

    The animal worlds version of a terrorist.

  • englishgent February 14, 2014

    Seagulls are cunts!

  • zmolez February 14, 2014

    @ solidBriscoe always wanted to try the seltzer trick

  • pinkdildolickr February 14, 2014

    Ok you're kind of a dumbass if you walking along the shore and eat fish knowing those thieving fucks are flying around

  • potrostation February 14, 2014

    NEWS FLASH: Sea Gulls are ASSHOLES!

  • biggertalk February 15, 2014

    Owned bitch.

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