Thorough Rifle Inspection

The Russian army is gearing up for war in Ukraine, and their finest soldiers are getting their rifles ready. He's probably just checking out the barrel to figure out how to turn it into a vodka dispenser.

  • crazyvet March 4, 2014

    He is just trying to remember where he stashed his drugs.

  • potrostation March 4, 2014

    When the only restriction for enlistment is "are you strait"? You open the lowered expectation flood gates.

  • fistermister March 4, 2014

    ......and they're gonna beat who in a war?

  • eat3beans March 4, 2014

    No one ever said they were smart

  • buddykermit March 4, 2014

    The rifle is already field stripped. There is no way that gun is going off. You fail posting a fail picture.

  • donunderstan March 4, 2014

    Cool thing is, you can make 2 of those hats for every Russian skank you shear.

  • rockinron March 4, 2014

    these people actually have nuclear weapons?

  • sirfartsalot March 4, 2014

    As stupid as that looks,he's just cleaning his weapon.

  • dozer67 March 4, 2014

    He's looking for the waskly wabbit that ran up the barrel..

  • lick-yer-clit March 4, 2014

    good job no bayonet

  • solidbriscoe March 4, 2014

    Where are you from anyway, private?

  • smutley March 4, 2014

    You sure that's not the Polish army?

  • englishgent March 4, 2014

    Possible it's the Ukrainian army.

  • axantucar March 5, 2014

    nothing wrong here...standard inspection of the bore for obstruction, note the absence of a magazine. with the action open you can see light down the length of the barrel from the end he is looking through. you have to check first to make sure there is nothing in the chamber before this of course

  • biggertalk March 5, 2014

    i think these are ukrainian troops....

  • goodster March 5, 2014

    I usually use a folded piece of white paper in the "open" breach to reflect the light up the barrel if I don't have a Borelight with me.

  • morbuis669 March 5, 2014

    He is checking the barrel for any obstruction, this isn't anything crazy or shit.

  • danielsmom55 March 6, 2014

    ALL TOGETHER NOW! (with hands on crotches) "This is my rifle, this is my gun. This one's for shooting and this one's for fun.....

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