Policia Ready For Action

The Policia have a tough job and they need their potassium levels to stay up, so of course instead of carrying guns, they carry bananas. Eating bananas is much healthier than eating lead.

  • jimmydcap March 7, 2014

    I bet he has no idea.

  • rockinron March 7, 2014


  • m1009 March 7, 2014

    They can subdue any porch monkey with a banana

  • potrostation March 7, 2014

    Great job mom! Now little Billy has a Glock 9 in his lunch box.

  • solidbriscoe March 7, 2014

    \"Suck on this.\"

    -taxi driver

  • sirpussalot March 8, 2014

    Mexican Barney Fife!

  • biggertalk March 8, 2014

    throw it at the crackers!!

  • allcaps March 8, 2014

    @biggertalk I have never seen anybody put in so much effort into being such a giant douche as you, congratulations on a job well done, im sure it is a reflection on every aspect of your life.. pretending to be black is the ultimate face palm

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