Sex In The Great Outdoors

To some guys a hole is a hole and having your dick covered in ant bites is just something you have to deal with to get a good nut off. The stinging sensation just makes it better for him.

  • yomammasass March 19, 2014

    The ant in his pisshole is saying: "Suffer, bitch! Suffer!"

  • iluvkitty March 19, 2014

    What we don't see is that Adam is just off the camera behind this nut job saying "NEXT"

  • fistermister March 19, 2014

    I have to wonder if I was young if I would fall into this being stupid trend.

  • sirfartsalot March 19, 2014

    Does this fall under crazyshit or stupidshit? I think its the later.

  • 1dirtymind1 March 19, 2014

    What The Fuck!!! So many dumbasses so little serial killers...

  • eat3beans March 19, 2014

    Anal sex isn't good enough?

  • rockinron March 19, 2014

    hey my fat ANT linda hasn't been shagged in decade's can you send her this guys contact info.

  • eyeh8dumbasses March 19, 2014

    stupid shithead. Hope his nuts are eaten off so he can't reproduce dumbshits like himself.

  • solidbriscoe March 19, 2014

    My dick won't fit into an ant bed.

  • goodster March 19, 2014

    I hope it swells so much that it bursts so he can't breed.

  • englishgent March 19, 2014

    2inda has resorted to fucking ants nests!

  • potrostation March 19, 2014

    What you can't see is the ant vs crab war going on in his crotch.

  • toreal March 19, 2014

    Only a white guy.

  • vaticider March 19, 2014

    Real men fuck Fire ant hills...pussy!

  • captjim March 20, 2014

    dude is buggin'

  • biggertalk March 20, 2014

    "Does this fall under crazyshit or stupidshit? I think its the later."

    it falls under stupid white boys

  • handsomedevil March 20, 2014

    the only time you'l ever see ron mount anything big and brown.

  • lameristotel March 20, 2014

    I told him to hide his anteater an he took it literally

  • rockinron March 20, 2014

    strangely handsome devil your right.

  • og_wiggafolife March 22, 2014

    It's jokes but white people are fucking disgusting

  • bettzyda619 March 24, 2014

    Fuckin crackers again showing off how stupid you are Ihey but at least this guy prefers to fuck an ant hole instead of a nasty cracker pussy hole can't blame him

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