No More Protesting For Him

How was the protest? I asked Abdul, but he didn't answer. I must not have asked him in his good ear. And that's funny, I thought he was wearing a white shirt when saw him earlier. Hmmm, weird.

  • rockinron March 30, 2014

    well your buddys fucked, but you can still make a tie dye shirt if you get some rubber bands on that shirt fast before it dry's.

  • exhael March 30, 2014

    Always accept help from "1 handed Dan the 1 handed man"

    (also think gucci shirt is pretty livid about that ruined white-tee)

  • donunderstan March 30, 2014

    I think we should be proactive and fit all muslims with a neck tourniquet as a precaution.

  • eat3beans March 30, 2014

    The only good Muslim is a dead one.

  • vulture March 30, 2014

    hey why the long face you got all them virgins waiting for you

  • dozer67 March 30, 2014

    looks like a red Alien

  • goodster March 30, 2014

    Syrian hair cut,,,, Just a little off the top please.

  • biggertalk March 31, 2014

    no sir

  • handsomedevil March 31, 2014

    hey, bud, why the long face?...

  • gimmy77 April 2, 2014

    now thats a facemelt

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