Parking Is On The House Tonight

When your neighbor is having a party and the whole street is filled with cars, sometimes you have to get creative at parking. Now how the fuck did he do that? Or should I say, how the fuck did she do that?

  • exhael March 30, 2014

    I knew those "Sorry a car landed on your shitty roof bitch" greeting cards i bought would come in handy one day

  • rockinron March 30, 2014

    ok wtf? back here in michigan santa still drives a sleigh with 8 tiny riendeer.

  • donunderstan March 30, 2014

    HAS to be a Asian female. That's the only explanation.

  • eat3beans March 30, 2014

    What's in the garage?

  • goodster March 30, 2014

    She's fucked... Both her car and homeowners insurance premiums just went "through the roof."

  • biggertalk March 31, 2014

    cop has to go up there and leave em a ticket

  • handsomedevil March 31, 2014

    like a glove...

  • dozer67 March 31, 2014

    The new Cadillac ad says" they fly",but this person took it to far.

  • toshirody April 3, 2014

    Jumps Gta XD

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