Trying So Hard

Don't even bother trying, kid. My mouth isn't 3 inches from her perfect tits like yours is, and I still got a boner as soon as I saw that cleavage. Don't fight it. In fact, lean in and poke her with it. She just might like it. It also might be enough for you to jizz your pants.

  • cellule April 8, 2014

    Come-on!! She's still a teen!!! ...

    ...fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap....

  • fistermister April 8, 2014

    No comment, I'd hate to incriminate myself.

  • eat3beans April 8, 2014

    grab a titty already, you got the perfect excuse- I didn't know any better

  • goodster April 8, 2014

    I bet the kid was in the bathroom for 4-5 minutes right after this was taken.

  • solidbriscoe April 8, 2014

    And that's the closest he'll ever get...

  • crazyvet April 8, 2014

    This picture is way out of context. He is concentrating, and she is enjoying his hand down the back of her pants with definite finger penetration.

  • 2indastink April 8, 2014

    is it legal to have sex with my sister ???......yes,yes it is.

  • thunderbutt April 8, 2014

    Spock Junior, this IS logical!

  • potrostation April 8, 2014

    It's unfair at that age. All ready to go and no chicks will fuck you.

  • dudeihavefries April 9, 2014

    That would be the best thing play on when you're climbing up behind her.

  • morbuis669 April 9, 2014

    That's what I think of my sister also.

  • ohwickedwendi April 9, 2014

    This is the pubescent boy's manhood of many, actually.

  • biggertalk April 9, 2014

    That's a virgin! I know a virgin when I see one, I've seen ron before.

  • rodeye2 April 9, 2014

    ^^^more like your reflection.

  • captjim April 9, 2014

    that was my life from age of about 9 to 14

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