Asshole Cat

Talk about a asshole cat. Poor dog is on some R and R, and here is this cat just pissing in his cheerios. You know that dog is thinking, "Just wait. When this cone comes off my head, I'm going to tear you a new asshole. Then eat some kitty litter crunchies."

  • marcodufour April 11, 2014

    Aaaaaah the age old problem, man versus woman

  • cellule April 11, 2014

    "Haha!! You can't lick your balls anymore!!"

  • fistermister April 11, 2014

    The cats giving his buddy a massage.

  • mccracken April 11, 2014

    Cat's are assholes...I have one, he told me to tell you all to fuck off!

  • eyeh8dumbasses April 11, 2014

    That's why I hate cats. They truly are assholes

  • rollin-fatties April 11, 2014

    Plastic+leather+pussy on a Germans face+cord= David Hasselhoff's sextape.

  • solidbriscoe April 11, 2014

    I'm with you McCracken. My cat told me the same thing. \"fuck alla yous.\" He's from Hoboken.

  • rockinron April 11, 2014

    dont act like you don't know, this is how it is in every house. the pussy rules and thats that!

  • potrostation April 11, 2014

    ASSHOLE CAT. That's redundant.

  • bushyballs April 11, 2014

    Every dog likes a little pussy on his face now and then.

  • goodster April 12, 2014

    This cat's a cunt.

  • goodster April 12, 2014

    Cats are just pussys' They always hit ya when your down!

  • biggertalk April 12, 2014

    Nice pussy!

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