I Swear I'm Not Drunk Officers

It's 3 AM in the Waffle House parking lot, and this chick is trying to convince the cops that she hasn't been driving drunk. Good luck with that argument. Enjoy your night in the drunk tank.

  • goodster April 12, 2014

    I only had one beer. "Well Miss.. Why are your tires blown out??"... Well I told my husband they were lo......AAAHHhh Fuck It..Stupid twat deserves a ride to the pokie.

  • kanada April 12, 2014

    So you're telling the tire was stolen cause it had tits ? And the guy took off in a purple Chevette with rockinron license plates.

  • potrostation April 12, 2014

    Cops were pulling over all the cars rolling(and sparking) on only rims. That's profiling;and profiling is wrong.

  • eat3beans April 12, 2014

    \"I'll show you how to give a rim job\"

  • rockinron April 12, 2014

    wtf? since when did cruising till the tires fall off become illegal?

  • solidbriscoe April 12, 2014

    Do not pass go. Do not collect $100.. You go to jail. No get out of jail card for you.

  • cellule April 13, 2014

    Walmart was about to close, so....

  • biggertalk April 13, 2014

    ^ shut up bitch

  • briskman11 April 13, 2014

    Low Rider...van edition

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