I bet is awesome in there

Take your pick. I mean any building shaped like a dinosaur is bound to have tons of weird shit in it, but most importantly look at the ass on her. I'd like to butter her biscuits in that dinosaur's ass, if you know what I mean.

  • babydaddy72 April 14, 2014

    She wants to see if she can get the brontasaurus' head in her snatch

  • tgarner April 14, 2014

    My P-Rex just woke right up!

  • dozer67 April 14, 2014

    Now we just need Chuck Norris riding a Harley crashing threw a flaming wall drinking a beer.

  • crazyvet April 14, 2014

    This picture is wrong on several levels.

  • solidbriscoe April 14, 2014

    Ooh. Dinosaur. Ooh. Tree. Ooh. Ass...

  • goodster April 14, 2014

    Why does the dino's head and neck look like a giant penis?

  • potrostation April 14, 2014

    The words to song come to mind. "I don't fuck fossils for free..." The old dudes will get it.

  • englishgent April 14, 2014

    Good lord would you look at that ass!

  • biggertalk April 15, 2014

    that's my house

  • rockinron April 15, 2014

    what dinosaur? 5 fucking minutes i studied this picture and never saw a dinosaur. your all gay.

  • cellule April 15, 2014

    +10 Rockinron!!

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