Cool Piercing Bro

That looks pretty cool. He should leave it. There are freaks who would pay good money to have something like that in their own legs. At first I was thinking he should push it through all the way, but after some consideration, I think it's better to see the skin poking out.

  • solidbriscoe April 24, 2014

    I just want to thump it.

  • goodster April 24, 2014

    That's just a sliver... pull it out and get back to work.

  • rockinron April 24, 2014

    nice hole ya got in your leg there, mind if it a bit?

  • potrostation April 24, 2014

    The lesson here is to not sword fight with a midget.

  • xizang April 24, 2014

    I think there's going to be a bruise.

  • kanada April 24, 2014

    I just watched a vid on yt buddy had a metal mohawk.

  • biggertalk April 25, 2014

    haha cunt

  • dozer67 April 25, 2014

    This is a picture of the lonely survivor of a kitchen explosion.

  • ohwickedwendi April 25, 2014

    They tried to pin him down, but it didn't work.

  • honkie365 April 26, 2014

    Only 5 didn't go through.

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