That's not how you do a selfie

This trend of selfies is not the worst trend in recent memory. I mean, the duck face was way worse. But this drunk slut is on a whole new level of selfie. The pussy shot selfie. And I am a fan of this trend. Ladies, if you have a few drinks, find a private area, and get a shot of your hoochie. Post that shit up to us here.

  • 2indastink April 27, 2014

    flappy birds or flappy vagina....I like both.

  • dagun April 27, 2014

    Can she do a duck face pose with her pussy lips

  • tonyk April 27, 2014

    I sure hope there is an app for that.

  • goodster April 27, 2014

    Twat shot.

  • matv April 27, 2014

    no copy machine around to sit on ?

  • rockinron April 27, 2014

    i use a doctor to get my hemeroids checked, not "ask.cum"

  • englishgent April 27, 2014

    I was gonna say she's Asian but the pussy ain't hairy enough and she's not sat in her own shit.

  • potrostation April 28, 2014

    The chick from The Ting is hooking?

  • biggertalk April 28, 2014

    piece of trash

  • seamorebuts April 28, 2014

    look ma no hands

  • kilo_g April 28, 2014

    Who here would smell her phone?

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