Need Anything From The Market?

I've got the munchies and I'm horny as fuck, so naturally the only place I want to go is to the Vag Meat Market. I could really use a nice meaty vag to pound on right about now. And some cool ranch Doritos and an ice cream sandwich would be pretty awesome too.

  • azzholee April 28, 2014

    eew i can smell it from here!

  • kilo_g April 28, 2014

    Does it come in different colors and flavors?

  • donunderstan April 28, 2014

    We sell twout.

  • crazyvet April 28, 2014

    They sell Marlboro, Bud Light, vag meat, and take credit cards. Sound like any titty bar in my town.

  • xizang April 28, 2014

    They must specialize in cuts from those women the Mexican drug cartel people cut up.

  • rockinron April 28, 2014

    thats right across the street from my resturant "the cock meat sammich shop".

  • solidbriscoe April 28, 2014

    They also sell perineum pirogies.

  • goodster April 28, 2014

    Is the cow fucking the pig, on the sign?

  • seamorebuts April 28, 2014

    challenged exceptid

  • potrostation April 28, 2014

    I've never seen a night club at day time. Is that really what it says?

  • handsomedevil April 29, 2014

    it's not so bad. it smells of fish, but it taste like chicken. oh-oh, but they're ebt friendly, and you know who likes chicken...

  • rockinron April 29, 2014

    looks like we have a new neg nigger in the house!! time to start trolling and catch the asshole. this is your only warning numb nuts i caught 2 in the past . don't be number 3 . i won't say you again. so who evers doing it stop now. or get caught.

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