Ladies Love A Big D In The Box

That's just what all the ladies want. A big D in their box. I didn't know they could get them at Pizza Hut though. And I also didn't think they had to pay for it, but maybe they get a free pizza with this Big D special.

  • jlm77 April 30, 2014

    Pizza Hut you worry about posting that one its gay pride parade they should have a problem selling out with no problem

  • rockinron April 30, 2014

    wtf? are the men all gay there, that women gotta pay to get laid? FTS!

  • fistermister April 30, 2014

    ....and they still want it super-sized!

  • 2indastink April 30, 2014

    nearly $20 ????......I can get a handjob from a chicken for a buck.

  • solidbriscoe April 30, 2014

    Funny innit?

  • frankdrebin April 30, 2014

    time to pizza tent in the pizza hut

  • thunderbutt April 30, 2014

    Get a pizza-ass

  • potrostation April 30, 2014

    It is pizza slut.

  • biggertalk May 1, 2014

    hidden evil loves my big d

  • goodster May 2, 2014

    ^Isn't this harassment?? Isn't this type of shit in the BYLAWS or some shit? Or is he deemed the least harmless of the trolls, so it's tolerated????????

  • biggertalk May 2, 2014

    you're such a crybaby

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