That Sounds Like A Good Thing

Is that really a medical condition and a reason to visit a doctor? Just because you can't eat diarrhea? The patient must be Japanese. He probably went to have his diarrhea soup for lunch, couldn't eat it and knew there was something seriously wrong with him.

  • rockinron May 13, 2014

    gives the term "eat shit and die" a whole new meaning

  • vulture May 13, 2014

    3rd question is to check if you come from asia

  • fistermister May 13, 2014

    It's a simple diagnosis, fix the persistent cough then he could eat all the shit he wants.

  • eat3beans May 13, 2014

    I think I've had those symptoms before

  • honkie365 May 13, 2014

    So he doesn't believe all the bullshit printed in the newspapers.

  • solidbriscoe May 13, 2014

    But have no problem eating solid shit!!! Hahaha!!! Ding!

  • potrostation May 13, 2014

    @ honkie365: That would be unable to swallow bullshit.I've had this condition for years; and have no plans to recover. I'll probably die from it.

  • honkie365 May 13, 2014

    ^^^That makes two of us.

  • cellule May 14, 2014

    No more Bill Wong buffet for you.

  • biggertalk May 14, 2014

    white people like honkie eat diarrhea all the fucking time.

  • dozer67 May 14, 2014

    A comma would really help with that..

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