Meet The Handy Man

You might look at his hand and say he's done masturbating with that thing. I look at it and say he's only just begun masturbating with that thing. He could totally fold it around his wang and go to town on it. It's already lubed up and the fleshy innards will probably feel pretty good. As long as the bones don't carve his shit up.

  •   happyjack May 21, 2014

    At least he can still give a thumbs up when he's happy. Who am I kidding he will never be happy again.

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  • sharkbait May 21, 2014

    His thumb looks like a tiny pecker.Good thing he can still shove that up his ass.

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  •   fistermister May 21, 2014

    Well now you know that the lawn mower still works.

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  • scottishtits77 May 21, 2014

    He still has his thumb, so the ladies will still get their clit rubbed as he stump-bangs them. It's all good.

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  • solidbriscoe May 21, 2014

    I told you not to finger anabolic ann.

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  •   rockinron May 21, 2014

    he's got himself some prime hand pussy!! wtf is he doing at the hospital!

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  • kanada May 21, 2014

    Never hand feed a hungry fat chick McNuggets.

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  • cellule May 21, 2014

    Maybe they can fix you some kind of a vagina or make few extra stiches, it'll be tighter..

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  • honkie365 May 21, 2014

    Lucky for him we have an excellent health care system in the US.

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  •   potrostation May 21, 2014

    @ solidbriscoe he tried to hand feed anabolic Ann.

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  • englishgent May 21, 2014 do we but that hand is beyond repair. Tis fucked I wager.

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  • neospace May 21, 2014

    that's the last time bob took a walk in the ghetto with fried chicken grease on his fingers

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  • captjim May 22, 2014

    I got 1 on it...

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