Why Is Everyone Honking?

Well, if they mean drugs that have been smuggled in a butthole, then I'm not sure if I've ever partaken in butt drugs. I've never been in prison. But if snorting lines off a stripper's asshole counts as butt drugs, I'll be happy to honk my horn.

  • lobster May 27, 2014

    Who the fuck erased the word "do"

  • fistermister May 27, 2014

    I don't love butt drugs but I wouldn't mind trying some cunt drugs.

  • fingers May 27, 2014

    I bring these gifts for you there up in my bum. bum bum bum.

  • rockinron May 27, 2014

    bet the taste like shit, and don't work for shit!

  • solidbriscoe May 27, 2014


  • vulture May 27, 2014

    i thought butts were a drug...i cant stop looking at them

  • potrostation May 27, 2014

    ♪I'm wearing tighty whiteys and I'm smuggling plumbs♪

  • bucknuts May 28, 2014

    Perhaps it's better NOT to know what 'butt drugs' are.,.,.,

  • cellule May 28, 2014

    Honk if you never saw a chopped .12 gauge fired from a red hyundai accent GS.

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