Some Good Advice

He's back and hacked into the road signs. I will indeed follow the advice. She has a pussy and it needs to be fucked. The only thing I have to decide is whether to pullover and fucker her pussy or to let her hop on while I keep driving.

  • fistermister June 5, 2014

    That's some good sound advice. I'm gonna do that right now.

  • potrostation June 5, 2014

    What if your dick hooks left?

  • iluvkitty June 5, 2014

    He should have hacked into a college to learn how to spell "pussy."

  • solidbriscoe June 5, 2014

    The problem is... Eat the sandwich now.... Or after...

  • captjim June 5, 2014

    Sign hacking like a boss!

  • cellule June 5, 2014

    If you need to be told to do so, you're not worthy to reproduce.

  • rockinron June 5, 2014

    what a sad world we live in, its so full of people that would rather butt fuck that it needs signs to tell men where their dick is supposed to go.

  • chipper812 June 6, 2014

    words to live by

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