Sick Balls Chopper

Ohh chopper, you fucking bad ass dog. Fuck those silly mascots Chopper. Just sick balls! Get those testies boy and don't let go! Grrr!

  • cellule June 6, 2014

    He had a boner, so..

  • rockinron June 6, 2014

    in other news today, enis the penis mascot stomped a poodle to death in front of 30,000 fans down at yankee stadium. in enis's defence, the poodle was biting him on his penis. and now to 2indastink for the rape weather.

  • loulou June 6, 2014

    That's one funny shaped dick he has.

  • potrostation June 6, 2014

    Punt puppy is going to get the "blue kool-aid" needle of death.

  • solidbriscoe June 6, 2014

    Good boy! You got the frenchy. Get the Mexican next!

  • fistermister June 7, 2014

    The dog beat the beaner to it!

  • pussysurveyor June 7, 2014

    Turn that little shitass into bug food.

  • rockinron June 7, 2014

    @potrostation that was funny as fuck dude!

  • bite-me71 June 8, 2014

    The funny part is he went after the white one first.

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