Not A Very Safe Place To Park Your Car

That's what he gets for sitting in the median trying to ruin peoples' day by giving them a ticket for something he does constantly throughout the day. At least this guy got a reckless driving ticket, which sounds a lot cooler than speeding.

  • potrostation June 17, 2014

    Fuck The Police Level- Going to jail!

  • neospace June 17, 2014

    size of the cops belly :D

  • treehouse21 June 17, 2014

    How does this happen?!

  • rockinron June 17, 2014

    i'd smile just knowing i trashed the cops car.

  • sirfartsalot June 17, 2014

    Must be Hazzard county? Dang them Duke boys!!!

  • vulture June 17, 2014

    i wonder how many went past with a big smile

  • goodster June 17, 2014

    That cop really needs to clean his car, Dirty Pig.

  • cellule June 17, 2014

    Look, Officer.. I know you want the truck off your car, but please, use booster-cables, not your tazer-gun.

  • corruptedsob June 17, 2014

    You got a smokey on your six

  • matv June 17, 2014

    speed bump

  • handsomedevil June 18, 2014

    you know what's funny? every cop you see is a fat fuck, and yet, every time a young athletic black guy runs from them on cops, they inevitably get caught.Lol wtf's up with that? cop ain't never caught me on foot.

  • solidbriscoe June 18, 2014

    ^the droopy pants.

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