First let me take a serfie

North Korea is always riding our coat tails, and trying to out do them. This is their newest try, the selfie. Maybe they can get on with our trend of mass murders and eliminate the next generation of dictators before they become a pain in our ass.

  • tgarner June 23, 2014

    Wait for the flash!

  • rockinron June 23, 2014

    when they take that picture someone be sure to send a copy to crazyshit 3 heads exploding would be cool as fuck.

  • bucknuts June 23, 2014

    looks like Taiwan's army lowered their IQ requirement again...

  • goodster June 23, 2014

    What's Hop-sing doing to his gun in the background?

  • gixxer_king June 23, 2014

    The dude in the back round looks like he's trying to fuck his gun

  • corruptedsob June 23, 2014

    储存国内个 口译员人 越野车擦干淨年 红黴素 捏合 于ㄗ雷和

  • cellule June 23, 2014

    A.K. ISO 47, exp. 3 ms. macro...

  • rockinron June 24, 2014

    @cellule is that telephoto?

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