Hold On Tight

Grab a couple fat rolls and hold on tight, little boy. I'm surprised that fat fuck can even balance on a motorcycle. I'd expect a three-wheeler maybe. Do a wheelie with the kid on the back and I'll really be impressed.

  • bigtex June 28, 2014

    The Michelin Man giving rides at the new Discount Tire in Japan.

  • corruptedsob June 28, 2014

    Get used to that ass kid .... that's probably the smallest you'll see .

  • 2indastink June 28, 2014

    best airbag ever.....

  • potrostation June 28, 2014

    Fat ass sat on the kid. He's been stuck there all day.

  • outlawscumbag June 28, 2014

    Lets hope the fat fuck doesn't fart out his 42 Nacho Grandes with extra jalapenos, otherwise lil Jorge is going for a real ride.

  • fistermister June 28, 2014

    If he did a wheelie the kid's gonna be impressed alright. Impressed into the concrete.

  • vulture June 28, 2014

    weres the "wide load" signs

  • wifebeater2000 June 28, 2014

    erick estrada , the early years

  • scottishtits77 June 28, 2014

    Poor little sod's gonna have sore arms. Fat bastard should stick the kid in front so he doesn't have to breathe in the smell from fattie's putrid arse crack.

  • rockinron June 28, 2014

    when he went by i heard the kid say "i'm going balls in, if this fat fuck comes to a sudden stop!"

  • handsomedevil June 28, 2014

    he got himself the best air bag on the market. we see you rollin', bro ;)

  • jayisafag June 29, 2014

    Best Honda commercial I've ever seen.

  • douchebaggins June 29, 2014

    His airbag has already been deployed.

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