Could Have Been A Lot Worse

It's not just getting taken out by a car or getting flattened by a truck that moped riders have to worry about. This chick ran into some shit and now she's got a second vagina. And this one isn't pixelated.

  • eat3beans July 12, 2014

    What the fuck is that black shit in there

  • potrostation July 12, 2014

    Why is that dude wearing the same outfit?

  • corruptedsob July 12, 2014

    Why is that bitch pointing at the front tire?

  • honkie365 July 12, 2014


  • m1009 July 12, 2014

    Is that sweat on her leg or did she actually piss herself

  • snikwad75 July 12, 2014

    Tits and tires -- we all know what happens when you combine both

  • vaticider July 12, 2014

    Shes a keeper.. after that little mishap shes still ready to go down on him, what a trooper. On a side note, if she had stayed in the kitchen, this would never had happened.

  • bryan042562 July 12, 2014

    yeah any port in a storm so ....I'd hit it

  • bigtex July 12, 2014

    Nobody's shit on her yet!? Must not be one of the \"cool kids\".

  • mykejp July 13, 2014

    I'm surprised no one pissed on her wound to disinfect it.

  • rockinron July 13, 2014

    ohhhh sweet jesus thats the sexiest wound pussy i've ever seen and spanked my monkey to, +10 to you young lady! i will love cherish this picture for many FAPS to cum!

  • adam9867 July 14, 2014

    Gooks and machinery don't mix

  • cellule July 14, 2014

    Even when they stay on the moped they're fucked.

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