Tumor Is Half Her Body Weight

This little Chinese girl just lost 33 lbs in only a couple hours thanks to modern medicine, and probably a mountain of lead and battery acid next to her house. I sure I am glad I wasn't born in China.

  • potrostation July 20, 2014

    They could have used some of the tumor as breast implants.

  • rockinron July 20, 2014

    i hope they wrote "i love CS" on it and sent it to Jay.

  • lick-yer-clit July 20, 2014

    poor little fucker hope she recovers,,,

    so i can go and fuck her in ten years time in thailand

  • bucknuts July 20, 2014

    that wuz the biggest 'outie' i ever seen...,.,

  • corruptedsob July 20, 2014

    Looks like they took out to much

  • iamapocalypse July 20, 2014

    Looks like the acorn penis pic from the other day.

  • jackpot July 20, 2014

    Hope she grows in to her rib cage.

  • goodster July 20, 2014

    First pic looked like one heck of a nom nom nipple.

  • uranus July 20, 2014

    The disappearing boob

  • bigtex July 21, 2014

    Cover her face and write \"CS\" on the rest and you could've fooled me into thinking it was some nasty user titty!!

  • gimmy77 July 22, 2014

    not laughing tomorrow going to surgery my self to get a tumor removed...ill try to get picks for u freaks ;)

  • nybadguy July 24, 2014

    How long was she holding that fart in for.

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